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United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd., under the management of Shri Anil Deshmukh having the experience more than 7 years in food industry.  The company is registered under the Companies Act, 1956, Pune, bearing registration No. U-15500-PN-2013-PTC-148862 Dated 19.09.2013.
All the directors of the company having more than 6 years experience in frozen food industry.  Sweet Corn Frozen product are the core products of United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd.

While the cornerstone of the endeavor is as old as mankind, the company’s efforts are driven by ultramodern technology, a zest for exacting quality and smart management tools. The company aim to have a commanding presence in the select business of premium agricultural produce and processed food commodities.

United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd. Corns grows its own premium crops and processed them using an Advance Technology process. This ensures consistency in quality and size as well as an assured year round availability.

United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd. organically grown crops are processed and packed using a preservative free process that retains the natural taste and texture. Our product are available in a variety of forms-ready to eat or frozen, in soft packing.

United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd. offers the best of fine foods, in the domestic food market and also international market, at affordable prices. Society’s changing pack of lifestyle, an increased awareness of nutrition and a rising standard of living has helped to create a market for these food products.

Our Management Team

1. Mr. Anil Deshmukh

2. Mr. Santosh Thorat

3. Mr. Devendra Vaidya

Vision of the Company

United Agro Frozen Foods Products Pvt. Ltd. the dynamic Market Research team and resourceful Research & Development wing assists the management in delivering cost effective, prime quality, freshly processed agricultural foods organically grown produce by the most efficient means.

Mission of the Company

The management strives for continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. They aim at commitment is to excellence and integrity in all departments like Manufacturing, Research, Always Quality Improvement and Best Customer Service.